Shortcut to updating apps on Mint

Is there a shortcut to updating apps on Mint? I thought I saw something about a comand one could use to do this.

I have 75 updates in my software mgr and have no idea if I need them. I don’t think I need anything new.

I’m hoping to allow the system to update only what it needs and discard the rest.

Thank you.

To be clear, I thought I read about a command that would update only currently installed apps. fr

Hi @pamela1!

While Linux is very secure, i would highly recommend that you update everything you can. Often times they are fixing vulnerabilities and/or bugs in their software that can cause issues on your system.

The commands to use in the terminal are as follows:

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

This will run two commands, one after the other, that will find all available updates, and then install them.

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Thanks! I’m glad the commands exist…makes me not delusional. I’ll update right away.


@SBHX would this command work with other distros like Budgie, thank you

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Yes it will. It will work for all OSes that use APT package managers.

It will not work for pacman though. That one is different.

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