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In windoze I could right click a folder or file and select “copy”… then I could go to any Directory including the desktop, right click and select “Paste Shortcut”.

In Ubuntu, I have yet to find a way to create a shortcut that I can double click to allow me to go to another Folder/Directory/Open a file regardless of where I am in the file tree. I spend way too much time going back and forth in the file tree or end up with numerous file windows open on the desktop.

Hey @Minty!
The solution is easy, though not so straightforward. That’s because of the rapid stages of evolution of the Gnome environment.

What you’ll need to do is right-click on your folder/file and select “Make Link.” Then, drag and drop that link onto your desktop and you’re done!

Sorry to bother you @Vasileios, but as you can see from the screen grab I am not being given that option.

(P.S. getting that screenshot took some out of the box thinking :wink: )

@Minty - it may be under the send to… option shown. Send to desktop will usually be an option meaning a shortcut or link to the file. Just my $.02. Cheers!!


That didn’t work. It started compressing the directory into a .zip file.


I will be watching this thread - I am interested. I am running lubuntu on a 10 yr old hp and I have fewer options on a right click as well.

Hey @Minty!
In that scenario, our best friend is the terminal. All you need to do is jot down the precise location of the folder (in the case of the screen grab) so that you can apply it below:

ln -s /path/to/your/folder /home/$USER/Desktop

This will generate a symbolic link directly to your desktop that leads to the folder of your choosing.

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Yep, I have been searching the interweb, but no solution so far.

I’m running Ubuntu on an eleven year old Toshiba. Probably should have opted for Lubuntu. Was using Zorin just fine but couldn’t run multiple monitors and Ubuntu was the only solution (at the time).

See you later in the Beginners Workshop.

Saint “V” just replied with a Terminal solution :slightly_smiling_face:

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There are no words in ANY language that express how grateful I, and I assume the rest of this community, are having you here Vasileios. :heart_eyes:


@Minty @vasileios I can only second that - Saint V has rescued me many times and continues to do so. Thanks for everything you do.

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@BigDaveAZ @vasileios

Completely off topic… Just a little thing but I LOOOVE IT!

During one of the workshops “V” told me about using the “Super” key plus middle or left click to move (left) and resize (middle) windows. No more back and forth to find the edge/corner of the window. With three monitors, I use it ALL the time.

Bought a laptop as spares for my old workhorse and stuck Zorin on it just for kicks… no sound and keyboard has issues… everything else works fine… but I digress…

Tried using the above but no luck and just wondering if it works on other “flavours” of Ubunts e.g. Lubuntu… any other distros???

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@Minty Mint Cinnamon - I think. I have memory issues so I am not sure. Cheers!!

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I have Mint Cinnamon on a USB Drive… I’ll check it out.

Cheers cobber.

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@BigDaveAZ @vasileios

Been using command line <ln -s etc> to create lots of shortcuts… thks again Vasileios.

And while looking for a quicker way to copy/paste the full file path, I stumbled across this:

Screenshot from 2022-08-06 23-25-02

Keyboard shortcut is Shift+Ctrl+M.

The link is created in the same directory as the “Target”.

Right click the new link and select “Move to” to place the link in the desired location.

Press and hold CTRL and shift at the same. Click on the file/folder you want as a shortcut while holding down CTRL and shift and drag the folder/file to the desktop. Works for me (using Mint 21 and 20.3).

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Ubuntu Gnome tried to copy the folder to the desktop. Thankfully the folder was too large and I was able to cancel the operation.

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Something very weird going on… I used a shortcut to go to a directory to access a folder, but the folder wasn’t there. I then went to the same directory the “slow” way… low and behold my folder WAS right there.

I deleted and recreated the shortcut… folder still “missing”.

Use “Search” and the folder pops right up???

Used “Create New Folder” with the same name… Folder was created but with a “2” added. Folder 2 does get listed when using the shortcut to the directory.

My work around for now… Went to the directory the “slow” way… created a shortcut to the folder in question (Folder 1)… moved the shortcut into “Folder 2” so now I can use two shortcuts to get to the contents of Folder 1. Messy but still quicker than clicking through the directory tree.