Secure boot disable on Macbook pro 2015 running Monterey

Webbtronjr, [1/4/23 5:05 PM]
Okay so I need some help if you guys are willing please. My wife has a mid 2015 macbook pro with Monterey installed on it. We are trying to disable the secure boot on it. I found instructions on the internet that say to hold cmnd R on start up. Select the disk utility. But I think I messed up and it didn’t look the same on the computer and showed to set up a password. So we did that and it locked the secure boot. Now when we restart it will not even let us put in the password. It shows the lock sign and it won’t let us input the password at all. I’m trying to install Pop!OS. I have tried to access the advice on the net several times to no avail. Advice or help please?

Webbtronjr, [1/4/23 5:25 PM]
I finally got the pswrd removed but it will not give the option to remove the secure boot. Just the option to password protect! This is why I want to go to Linux lol