Screen Problem on Dell Inspiron after Linux Update

My Dell Inspiron with Linux Mint was working fine for a few weeks. Now the screen is going fuzzy, after a recent Linux update (I cannot see what updates where done). I suspect I need a new driver.

  1. How can I reboot without all the screen fuzziness?
  2. How can I find out what driver I need to fix the issue?

If you take your computer back a few iterations using Timeshift, all the updates to that point will be gone. You can then view the updates in the update manager and install them one by one to see if it was an update problem and which update caused it. If you know the specific update, then it might be easier to search for the fix. Just an idea. I use Timeshift a lot when I get into trouble.

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Thank you. As I do not yet have Timeshift on my computer, I am trying to figure out how to add it. I managed to get the Linux Mint icon on the screen of a monitor that I attached to my laptop. But now it is frozen. I need a keyboard command that will reboot and let me into some kind of command line.

And now it started up without any issue. I pressed Fn-Alt and PrntScr while rebooting. I have no idea if that helped. Or it just decided to reboot. I already had Timeshift. I will use it before doing each update.

Hey @leoraw!
It seems that the resolution of your screen has changed. Go to your Options/Settings and look for the Display module. Run it and check its available resolutions. Does it have one that is higher than the one currently on your system?