Screen Capture software

I have used a screen capture software to create instructions. I have been searching and found Shutter… but nothing that has the tools like Snagit… Snagit was used to edit and create call outs, delete portions of screen captures to create fantastic instructions. Let me know if anyone knows any screen capture software. I would pay for the app… Snagit was 45$ and i would pay double for something for linux :slight_smile:

Hello @Redfox911!
I looked up a little and I haven’t been able to spot something that is exactly the same as Snagit. Shutter seems to be… bulkier and less refined for the lack of better words. Does Snagit offer an online solution?
If not, you could install Windows from within Linux for that purpose alone. We have a tutorial on that in this forum. :slight_smile:

Sounds good. I will look the topic of wine. Unless it is something different. thank you as always!!

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And, as always, it’s my pleasure @Redfox911!
You can have a look at the tutorial here:

However, please keep in mind that the file name of the VMware Player has changed, so make sure you type in the new version in the commands! (I have a respective note for it under the actual code needed). :wink: