Samba as business windows server replacement

Concerning using Linux and Samba as a Windows login server replacement using Samba,

Is there a good Introduction to using Samba that takes into account all ways to install it now that there is Active Directory support?

I don’t really want to run TWO DCs AND still have to have yet another server for file sharing. I saw that there may be a way to run Samba v4.x as a basic PDC but I don’t want to have to configure everything with the old SMB protocols.

I’ve been out of Samba as a business solution since v 2.x and need to get back in, SO…I’m asking for pointers on where to look to gain new understanding.

Super thanks!

EDIT: And is it possible to run this samba solution on Slackware – or is it still going to be a package nightmare?

(Still banned on the Telegram channel (as of 17AUG22) for posting the URL to the correct 64bit libraries)