Request for advice learning to make shortcuts and install programs

I’m trying to install replacement programs to flee from Mac OS in my KDE Linux environment. While I have found some wonderful alternatives, the problem is that I keep getting stuck trying to install them.
Two programs I’m stuck on are
Makagigga a to do program Makagiga / Download | To-do manager, notepad, RSS reader...
and a program to display random quotes from command line Display Random Quotes From Commandline In Linux - OSTechNix. . I have been trying to figure this out for a couple of weeks. Does anyone know of a good resource to learn how to do this? I believe I have the first installed but got stuck on creating a shortcut. Any suggestions especially video lessons would be highly appreciated. Best Suzanne

For the Makagiga program, have you been able to launch it at all, say from a terminal window? if so you can create a shortcut by knowing it’s location Use “which makagiga” in the terminal and it should give you the path that you can use in your add launcher or main menu editor, etc…

As for Display Random Quotes in CLI, it simes to bea git package so you would need to set up Git and Python3 for your distro and then proceed.

Hope this helps!