Removing Linux to reinstall windows

I have ubuntu installed on my pc now and i have to switch my computer back to windows, i have the windows iso file on a usb already but linux refuses to allow me to boot it. i have tried several times to follow the steps on about it but it tells me to go into the terminal and type “fdisk” to be able to edit and delete the partitions, so the pc will allow a usb boot of windows again but, in the terminal it repeatedly shows “fdisk: bad usage” can anyone help with this!! i have to get my computer back to windows soon for work purposes. any help would be so greatly appreciated!

Hello @coryd331,
Having the ISO itself on the USB thumb drive does not make it bootable. You will need to boot into your Ubuntu and copy the ISO file to your desktop. Once that is done, then right-click the ISO file and select “Open with Disk Image Writer”. It will open a recording window. Select your USB thumb drive and then continue to record. Once it is done, you will have a bootable USB.

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okay so i did as you said and now the usb drive is set, but when i boot the computer and select boot from usb my screen just briefly flashes black and then nothing happens. It still will not allow an install process or anything to occur. any other suggestions as to how to get around this?

Hey @coryd331,
In this scenario, there are additional steps that are needed. Windows has always been a bit strange at that. Try the process that is outlined below, which I believe will work. :slight_smile: