Removing a Distro and Recovering Disk Partition

Started with Budgie. Then discovered Zorin which I am going to stick with.

Problem is that my system looks like this now…

Screenshot from 2022-01-13 19-21-07

I have tried to use Gparted and KDE partition manager, but it won’t let me delete unused and blank partition.

How do I make my Zorin Partition bigger and remove the partition that is now blank?

You can use GParted and then right click on your Zorin partition & select Resize. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your reply.

This did not work.

I opened GParted, and when I right click, and get to the menu, it does not allow me to resize or move the partition.

I can create new partitions, but I cannot resize the Zorin partition.

Any other ideas, or suggestions?


You have to do it while booted to a live USB. After booting to your USB drive, select GParted from the applications then you should be able to resize.

Wow this post really slipped through the cracks. As @GrillerMiller mentioned, you’ll need to do it from a LiveUSB where your Linux system is not active - as you can’t intervene on a partition while it’s being used.