Reliable and trusted domain registrar

I use GoDaddy, but don’t trust them . Any recommendations for a new registrar that won’t censor my conservative domain?

@IAmJoey - are you looking for a registrar or a host? I used for my registrar and I am going to be hosting my own mail server and cloud. I do not know of, however I did not look, a fully trustworthy host. Hopefully someone will have some suggestions. Welcome to the group and your digital freedom. Cheers!!


As @BigDaveAZ said, NameCheap is a good register. There are others that vouch for Epik, but I haven’t used them personally. So far, I’ve used NameCheap, Wordpress (I moved them there from Google) and a Greek registrar (with an English website for international support) called Papaki (

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Thanks for the info.

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You are welcome @IAmJoey and so sorry for the delay in responding I have been ill.

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I want to switch from namecheap, they are in Ukraine. I am looking for a new one and need to renew now

Hey everyone!
If you want a kickass registrar that shares your concerns, go to That’s who I ended up working with. :slight_smile:
@Sweets - I believe this is what you’re looking for.