Refurbished Dell Latitude E6420 - Mint xfce running from USB locks up within seconds

Hi all,

Trying to install Linux Mint 20.2 Xfce from USB on a refurbed Dell latitude E6420 running Windows 10. I’m trying to evaluate if I want to install dual boot or replace Windows. I manage to get it to boot from USB and it sets up the desktop nicely, lets me move the mouse or type a little, then just locks up cold. No keyboard, nothing. Power button shutdown is the only way out.

  1. Should I try a different distro?
  2. Should I try a different installation method? (Not sure if I can even get a terminal window to stay open; any other options?)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Is this the model with 4gb of ram and i7 running 2.8Ghz?

Hey @pintsize!
Mint can do that every now and then with old systems. It sounds like a graphics issue to me, personally that is affecting the Desktop Environment. How much RAM does your system have?

As for Distros, you might give Zorin Lite a go as it’s known to be quite light and runs almost on every system. The other day I installed it easily on an old 2008 iMac and now the system flies.

Thanks, Vasileios! This machine has 4GB of RAM. Not sure if that’s the issue, or if it just doesn’t want to install off USB. I am now trying Puppy from CD to see how that runs. So far, it’s working.

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Yes, it is. Any glitches or issues I should be aware of?

My very first thought is if you have Secure Boot active on your BIOS. It tends to block additional Kernel modules every now and then… when it doesn’t stop a Linux installation outright!

I was able to finally get it installed and running. Not sure if I need to do anything to close this thread. Thanks for the help I received here and on the TG channel.

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