Recovery of 4 disk Windows Storage Spaces Raid

I used Windows to setup a home server a few years ago and had it running very well. I had tons of media on it and got complacent (lazy) with how well it was running so I didn’t create backups. Then Windows Spaces failed. I tried a few troubleshooting methods, but didn’t have any luck recovering. So I cloned each disk to external drives to hopefully be able to recover at a later date. Does anyone have advice on using Linux (Mint) to recover a 4 drive raid array originally setup as Win Storage Spaces?

Hello @ole6015!
I had an old friend and colleague who setup a RAID on a Windows Server and he lost all his files, twice. The “funny” part of it was that I told him to create the specific setup, but recommended Linux and a specific setup. Mine worked flawlessly for more than a decade before I decommissioned it.

What type of RAID were you running? I guess a RAID-5?

Thank you @vasileios for responding. Yes, I should have known better. Just the default Windows Storage Spaces setup which is Raid-5 from info I’ve gathered.

Hey @ole6015!
I just did some research and it would appear that Windows Storage Spaces looks like RAID, acts like RAID, but it’s not RAID. Therefore the mdadm utility on Linux (which is for software RAID and I too happen to be using it), cannot do much to help you, especially if the drives have a different filesystem, like ReFS. You’ll have to try and do it from within Windows itself.