Re-looping on computer

I was on JP’s Technology Chat with Dale Gribble. He suggested I try to get help here.

Trying to re-boot with Linux on UBS. Dale suggested “You might need to look for a bios option called secure boot and turn it off. Make sure the boot menu is set for USB after that.” I set menu for USB and tried to re-boot. Windows interfered constantly. Now I’m looped in: “Attempted to Boot UEFI Volume from Legacy Mode. To Boot the UEFI Volume Automatically, rather than via F12: - Press any key to reboot the machine. - Enter BIOS Setup, in the Boot Sequence page. - Change the Boot List Option setting from Legacy to UEFI - Save changes and exit.” I come back to the same loop written above if I do anything.

Dell Latitude, 2014. Reg Model: has foreign writing, then P15G. Reg Type Number: P15G001. IC Class: B ICES-003. That’s all I can find without being able to get into the machine.

Hello @Tee!
If you have Secure Boot off and the USB as top priority, then perhaps the USB itself is problematic. It has happened numerous times with me when using devices that come as a pack. Can you try to flash a different USB via either balenaEtcher - Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives or Rufus - Create bootable USB drives the easy way ?

Thank you for getting back to me!
I’ll try another USB. The one I’m using is new, never been used. I have Rufus on it. I’ve also tried balenaEtcher with no success. It was during the process of using this that the computer went into the loop after a restart. I never found a way to access Secure Boot to turn it off and did have USB as top priority. At this point I can only turn the laptop off…but will try another USB. I have an external CD drive and can burn to a CD. Might that work better?

Thank you again for your suggestions!!

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This Dell Community article details disabling secure boot if a different USB does not fix your issue.

[UEFI and Secure Boot FAQs | Dell Canada]

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Thank you so much for your help!

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A DVD can also work for the boot sequence, yes. :slight_smile:

Thank you! Life has been so crazy I haven’t gotten back to it. Maybe soon!

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I completely understand! I am finding out that it tends to divert a lot of people, so no worries! :wink: