Raspberry Pi Project

Does anyone here have some interesting projects for the Raspberry Pi? It seems like a great way to learn about how computers work.

In particular, I’m interested in the FOSS for a virtual assistant at Mycroft.ai. The desktop version is in beta and doesn’t work (I tried it!). But there is a version called Picroft for the Raspberry Pi.

I’d love to try this out. There’s a list of low-cost components you would need, and I’d like to make it as an all-in-one unit, which would require a microphone, speaker, a case and a power source.

Anyone got ideas for a beginner?


Hey @Jenny8675309!

This is really cool! Thank you for sharing!

I don’t personally have any experience with RasPi’s, but @Will does.


Thanks! I’m sure I could put one together, but I’m not sure what to buy without wasting my time/money. Something that could fit together in one case would be great.

Check out CanaKit.com, they sell mini PC style RasPis.