Quortal - Decentralize - Mike Adams

Hi all,

I’ve come across ‘Qortal’ (https://qortal.org/). Anyone know much about this?
It looks really good - Here’s the blurb from their web page, “Community-Driven and Developed, Completely Custom Built, and Truly Decentralized. With its Unique Egalitarian Consensus Protocol, Leveling System, and Blockchain-Secured Distributed Data Network, QORTAL is Designed To Create A Completely Secure and Liberating Digital World.

I’m trying to learn how to use it on linux, so if anyone has already done this, let me know,


Some more info that may be interesting: Mike Adams was interviewed on Zeee Media recently, talking about alarming developments across the world including the globalists new “digital ledger,” 13 nations agreeing to orchestrate global famine, incoming CBDC’s, censorship laws and more. Mike and Maria discuss multiple solutions to these issues here:

Also, Mike Adams has a platform called ‘Decentralize’ at


This does look interesting but after scanning their material I am still not clear how this will benefit a basic computer user and what it would be used for. It doesn’t appear to be an OS or a browser so I am not sure what it is. I will be curious to read others input.

Qortal’s fine and works well. What does it do for the average Joe Computer User? Content stored in/on Qortal is stored in a distributed fashion, not on any one machine or server anywhere. That means it can’t be blocked by any particular central power, nor can the content be modified or scrubbed off the internet. As long as there IS an internet, then Qortal is a great way to make stuff available in a can’t-be-whacked way. As for encryption … it’s not. Person to person communication (chat) IS encrypted, but groups or app content is not. As always, if you want to protect your identity and/or prevent being profile and added to ‘persons of interest’ lists by whoever, you’ll want to access the info (like Brighteon / Mike Adams) by first using a VPN and THEN navigating to Qortal and viewing the content. Pick your VPN carefully too and avoid those based in the ‘big 7’ countries that have shared intelligence agreements etc … they have back doors. Nothing’s perfect … go forth with knowledge and behave accordingly.