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I posted this on the Telegram channel and it was suggested that I try posting here for more input, here is what I posted and the questions that I asked:
Has anyone here experimented with creating sub networks within their networks? I have been kinda testing the waters but it is a n1 study and would love to have some ideas from others who might have done the same. Here is what I have done so far, I came from a starting point of using big tech, Google and Windows in particular, so what I have done is created a home network, two wifi connected phones using the textnow app, each has no sims card and no carrier connected, 4 google speakers, 3 TVs one a smartcast, two have Google Chromecast devices. I use an Asus Tablet to interact with the casting as well as an HP ChromeBook. I have installed Pluto, Plex and I use Chrome to access USTVGO and 1 of Three Sports Streaming sites: Sportsurge/FBStreams/Crackstreams , (gives me a few channels to watch for news/entertainment and sports for Free) now the devices I stated above all are located in one location (my House) and do not travel. I have also added 14 WiFi bulbs that I control thru a Phillips Hue bridge and software. I have been running all of this off my Wifi router with Xfinity on the 2.4 ghz band… I have recently been converting our computers over to Linux Mint and do not have them connected to the gmail account that the other devices sync to. and have connected these thru the wifi router at the 5 ghz band, keeping them separate, (when working we connect thru the firefox browser direct to the internet, and when not working I will connect thru the firefox browser to the TOR network then to the internet {we work from home} ) now our personal phones are Samsung and Android on the Verizon network, I have erased the bloatware or disabled all the un-necessary apps that we do not use, we only turn on our location as a per use need, etc and try to scan for tracking when possible. I know this is long and detailed but I wanted to give a snap shot of the mapping we have set up. to ask a few questions: 1. running everything compartmentalized on separate bands of wifi, will this make it harder to be tracked and traced? 2. using this kind of a setup will this keep my information on our computers secure from the rest of the set-up mentioned above. 3. am I crazy to think this will work, at allowing us to enjoy to entertainment and streamline use of Technology, while also able to keep private what I want to keep private?

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I did something similar to this some years ago. What exactly are you trying to accomplish? That will help others get their arms around this.

Hi Taxed,
My thought on this approach was to be able to create a two level network where on the lower level I could keep the ability to stream live tv, and program my lights and gadgets and stream podcasts/music utilizing mainstream products for convenience, while at the same time maintaining a higher level away from spying and protecting my privacy on the internet. And I was just questioning from others if my set up was delusional.