Question on providing Windows to Linux Installation Services

Hi All - I have been using Linux Mint for about 2 years now and have since moved completely off Windows on all of my PCs/Laptops. I even was able to save my mom from throwing her laptop away (after it ran so slow) and putting LM on it which it now runs like a champ. Which brings me to this question - Have any of you offered services to do conversions for people as a paid side hustle? Even though Linux is free, there are people that want nothing to do with installing a new OS on their machine and would pay for someone else to do it.

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It is a good, simple business service that many people can easily start providing with little to no start-up costs.

Just be sure you have enough experience to be confident in what you’re doing, before you start.

And it is a good idea to help people make backups of their entire machine(s), before making the switch, as a matter of policy.

One example of a group that is providing this “done-for-you” “switch your computers to Linux” service is , based out of South Carolina.

There’s room for plenty more such consultants. Half or more of the country would possibly be interested to switch from Windows to Linux, once they fully understand the reasons and benefits, including but not limited to enhanced privacy, and cost savings they will experience after they’ve switched to a FOSS environment.

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Thank you for the feedback and yes, agreed that we all should be solid with our fundamental understanding of the Linux OS before we install on others PCs. Not everyone cares about being watched by Big Tech (This is an American apathy phenomena - Europeans are way ahead of us), BUT having your computer run efficiently like it was purchased yesterday is a good enough selling point for most people out there. Privacy is an added bonus. I will reach out to Mark 37. Thanks again for the direction.

Interesting! I’m nowhere near being an expert at Linux by a far stretch of the imagination. If I were and if I had the time, I would offer this service free of charge. Many of us, involved in this movement, are struggling financially. Many cannot afford to purchase new hardware either. I wish that I could do more for the community.

I started down the “transition to Linux” path about 2 years ago but had to put things on the back burner for various reasons until now. I’m picking up where I left off. New Year resolution - Yay! :grinning: