Question about using iDrive for Linux and fan speed

I had a “repair” to iDrive for Linux on my wife’s laptop and it’s running again. One issue we’ve had is fan speed during backups. I’ve got a fan speed utility and it’s set down to 21, but we’ve had noisy fan running during backups. iDrive has a throttle speed for internet bandwidth which I didn’t know if that would help or not. Default is 100. Would throttle settings affect the fan speed? I couldn’t get a clear answer from an iDrive tech about this and wondered what some here would say about that.

She doesn’t run any high-powered apps. Just mostly Vivaldi and Thunderbird, and once in a while LibreOffice. So I don’t think we’re pushing any performance issues. It just seems like iDrive ought to run quietly in the background most of the time.

I’ve noticed that when backing up my 2013 Macbook Air ( with TimeShift ), which runs Linux Mint, the fan is working hard.

Is backing up the system the only time you experience the noisy fan?

I don’t think there’s much “screaming” fan during TimeShift of LuckyBackup sessions. It only seems to be on iDrive. I run htop and I’ll see a number of processes for iDrive going on with higher numbers.

We set the iDrive throttle back to 100 and my wife hasn’t mentioned any loud fan issues the last couple nights during the evening “session” we scheduled. It’s kind of hit-and-miss.