ProtonVPN v4.1.3 missing cli

I updated ProtonVPN to v4.1.3 and cli (via terminal) isn’t available. So I’m forced to use the GUI. Workable, and has some advantages (like showing percentage of server load, and running the CPU cooler than earlier versions), but the connect process is time-consuming.

I looked for cli in Mint’s Software Manager, but it’s for an older version.

Any idea how / if I can get cli working again under this new version?

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Assuming you installed using their “.deb” package, which is just a script to add their repo and keys, IIRC, I had to install the protonvpn-cli separately after the their “.deb” added the protonvpn repo. Assuming you ran “sudo apt update && sudo apt list --upgradable” first searching sudo apt search protonvpn-cli to see if 1, it’s still installed and 2 if it’s still available in the repo.

I hadn’t updated for a while and am running it now(Debian 11) and will see if it breaks on this end for CLI.

On a side note, you can download all of the configs for Proton connections within your account and downloads section, name them something simple, place them in let’s say /home/youruser/Documents/VPN. If you do use this route, I think you have to edit the configs and add the appropriate username/password from the “OpenVPN / IKEv2 username”, not your Proton username and password for your account like you do with the CLI/GUI application.

I would make a separate folder under VPN for the actual “Secure Core Configs” as they are usually slower and more full, The nice thing about using their CLI or GUI is seeing the connection loads when you pull them up.

Edit your network connection and add as many different VPN connections as you wish to the built in OpenVPN manager for Mint and utilize them from there instead of the terminal or the actual Proton VPN applications.

I believe the problem with it loading so slow is that it’s built for the Gnome desktop and utilizing it inside of Mint and in my case XFCE, it just doesn’t play nice, hence why I usually just run the terminal application.

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After the updates I ran “protonvpn-cli c” and all was well.

Possible issue is corrupted install or something, maybe do a remove/purge and reinstall.

Thanks for weighing in, MrD!

What am I missing???

Try sudo apt search protonvpn-cli, this will search for the actual application and inform you of it installation status, installed or available as it is separate program then protonvpn.

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Looks as if it’s here. But still, “command not found.”

What next?

Perhaps time for a purge/reinstall…

Try sudo apt install protonvpn-cli as i don’t see an “installed” notice

Ohhhhh! NOW I get it!!





This, AFTER, I de-installed / re-installed v4.

Oh well, now we know. You can’t get there from here! :laughing:

Looks like CLI will be added to v4 sometime in the future. For now, at least v4 GUI works much better than previous versions.

Thanks for having shared your thoughts, @MrDeplorableUSA. They led me to the answer.