Project with Jeff

I caught portion of today’s meeting and heard Jeff is kicking off some new project. Can someone direct me to where I can find more information on this? Thanks!

The recording is posted here:
Telegram: Contact @jeffrey_peterson

The project was called Cyber Portal which you can access the site here:

From my understanding… It is starting from bare bones, meaning that everyone can access it as it is being built. Plan is to have many involved to build the project. There is no real objective set for the project yet but will take shape as ideas come together with the intention of free and open source in mind.

The recording is on telegram as shared by nwarren. Date stamp 2022 12 08.

Right, @James . Thanks for adding that link.

And here are the Cyberportal channels on Telegram:

Both have been verified:

validation1 is not available “This site can’t be reached” is this no good anymore?

Chat still seems to work …
at least yesterday …