Problems with Ubuntu for Raspberry Pi

After playing around with Raspian Buster on my raspberry pi 400 I jst downloaded Ubuntu for raspberry on a new SD card and put that in my Pi.
It started up ok and ran me through the set up process, including wifi. Although the screen size seems all wrong, as I can’t see the sides and top and bottom properly (on an old TV screen, that I use as a monitor).
Now I don’t seem to be able to explore or adjust anything, as the screen freezes and the cursor disappears. I even struggle to shut the raspberry down with Fn + F10. restarting hasn’t helped either.
Any ideas what could be the problem and what I might have to do?
My impression was, that others were really happy with Ubuntu on their Raspberry.

I’m also having problems with my Pi (running Ubuntu) lagging, screen freezing etc. i have rebooted multiple times with the same issues. Not sure what is going on with it or how to fix it.

Actually, i have just run a full update and now it doesn’t freeze anymore and let’s me play around with it.
I managed to adjust the display size, which is a 1000 times better now, but I still can’t see everything. I had the same issues with raspian though.

How do you run a full update?

You try to find applications and open it. On my first attempt I had all sorts of symbols on the left hand side of my screen.(Now not anymore! Thea are all off screen!) When hovering over them, I found that the bottom one was for applications. That’s what you need to the find more symbols. Hover over them until you find the one that says software Updater. Mine was on the second page of applications. At the bottom of the application screen you see 2 dots. Clicking on the right one takes you to the second screen. Good luck! We can work this out! :muscle: :smiley: Click on the updater and run it.

So, I have tried everything that i can think off, but i still don’t have everything shown on my screen. If anybody has got any tips, that would be great. I have tried all the offered screen resolutions, but none is right. Also, even though the Pi lasted much longer this time, it froze again.

Thank you! I ran the update and it seems to be working a little better now. For some reason, I think Firefox seems to be causing an issue. I’m installing Chromium to see if that works better.

As for your issue with the screen, have you checked your settings in display? Navigate to: settings (looks like a gear icon)/then scroll down to “displays”. You may be able to change the Resolution or the scale to see if that helps you? Or if you are using multiple monitors you might play around with the displays and see if that helps?

Good luck to you as well, and YES we will get this!!!

Have you tried adjusting the settings of the TV? Most modern flat screen TVs have a settings option built in, and most will allow you to adjust the screen.

Also, to update your system easily, open the terminal and type

sudo apt update


sudo apt-get upgrade -y

Thank you for the update instructions :slight_smile:

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The Raspberry Pi Operating system (Raspbian) is tailor made for the Pi. Ubuntu and many other things can run on it but nothing fits it better than than Raspbery Pi OS.

@SBHX trying the TV settings?! That’s a wayyyy too easy solution for me to think off :roll_eyes::joy::joy:
Thank you so much as well for the proper updating instructions! It was a bit like the blind leading the blind, but hey, we are just trying to get there… somehow… :woman_shrugging:t3::wink:

@Will Thank, Will! I was just trying to check it out, as someone else was raving about it, and as it has its own Pi version, I thought it might be pretty good. Apart from it freezing I really liked the feel of it so far, and I thought the freezing might be a problem until I get it all set up properly. So, you think it might just be too much for the Pi 400?

I guess I would need to know exactly what you are doing when it freezes. The Pi is a minimal computer so if you want to use it for watching movies, there are dedicated operating systems that work well for that. On is called Kodi.

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one inch at a time, we ARE getting there lol.

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