Privacy with ISP

Due to some scary behavior by estranged relatives, my spouse, kids, and I are seriously ramping up our privacy. We are moving to another state, buying our home in the name of an LLC to keep our names out of public record, utilizing multiple virtual mail boxes to receive mail, and paying deposits on utilities to keep them in the LLC name. We are far from off-the-radar, but we can hopefully avoid the searching of mid-level amateur internet sleuths.

Our problem is privacy with internet service. Our big concern is the ISP merging our personal names with our personal address, and that information leaking to the world so someone can find out where we live. (We are covered on protecting data from our ISP.) We are headed to a rural area where options are limited. The local -------Link ISP requires a SSN or other ID. Our last resort would be a business account with -------Link in the name of the LLC, but they want to charge 4x the rate for the same service, just because the letters “LLC” are at the end of the account name (and they may still require an account holder name and ID–I haven’t gotten that far).

Are there other options for internet service that don’t require our SSN or personal name?

In case you are interested, two great resources are:
–J.J. Luna’s book, How to be Invisible:
–Mark Nestmann’s book, The Lifeboat Strategy: