Privacy and Information Toolkit by GrapheneGoat

Privacy and Information Toolkit v22.09

Enjoy a free guide I made recently, the link is a 15MB PDF file with a 97 page guide I made as a primer on using some alternatives to big tech.

There’s no deep dive how to’s in here, more of a shallow but broad scope of topics, to serve as a sort of ‘touchpoint’ for folks to start digging into digital privacy.

I recommend any feedback good or bad, my email is on the last page if you want to submit any corrections or feedback, I intend to update this periodically and distribute. Please share!


if admins know of a better way to share PDF content please advise, thank you all in advance!

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An Amazing Compilation Sir! ……. Well Done !!! :saluting_face: wish I was able to up-vote it several times

Thank you, great work you did here… :pray: