Pop_os error loading profile

i was working on my computer (which is running pop_os latest version) in libreoffice calc when the computer suddenly froze. when this usually occurs, the mouse freezes in place for about 10-15 seconds and then goes back to normal.

when the mouse froze this time, it did not come back like it had usually done. i used the linux reset (alt-sys resuib) to reboot the machine. the login screen appeared and after i entered the password and hit enter, i was presented with a message that the profile cannot be loaded and that i should fix as soon as feasible.

i am not sure how to move forward to fix this issue. i do have usb that was used to load pop and i thought i could use that and then load a backup copy of my profile (backup is from two or three weeks ago), but, i realized that i will not be able to do that :unamused:

i did a search for the error but i do understand how to perform or if i can perform what is being suggested. i am not able to access the desktop or terminal.

i am reaching out for help because i am stuck and still consider myself a noob (been using linux for maybe 4-6 months) and this is something i am not familiar with.

this should be a picture of the error that i am receiving (cannot activate the ok button)

There is a thread here in the forums with a similar problem I will try to find it. It should fix your problem with a few commands.
When you say “login screen” are you talking about a GRUB menu or are you actually in a ‘pretty’ screen where you are typing your password?

hey dennis…i attempted to find a thread for this issue and i did not locate. forgive me if i missed it.

the login screen i am referring to is the normal login screen that shows the username that you click on and then enter the password. is that the grub menu?

I will snap a picture of screen that I hope will be helpful.

thanks for your help.

ps: just re-read your menu question…i guess i am at the “pretty” screen :grinning:

Good, the ‘pretty’ screen is a good sign. The thread here may not be related to the black screen but I will try to find what I am looking for.
Try holding down CTRL + ALT and then tap tap F1 and see if you get to a black screen with a login prompt in the top left corner.
If you get there then try typing your username and hit enter. Then type your password and hit enter. Be careful typing you password in the vterminal because nothing happens when you type. After typing your password hit enter and if your username and password were correct a line will be printed below the login prompt showing your [username@(computername) ~] $
We can work from there but I need to double check to find the file that will need to be deleted.

nothing happens when i invoke these keystrokes. it stays on the login screen

I think I was confusing this with a different error. Sorry about that.
What happens after you click the OK button in your first Picture?

At the login screen can you change the user to root and then enter roots password?

nothing. i have a touch screen and when i touch there nothing happens (i thought i was having a touch pad issue) so that is why i tried using the screen to click ok

I did not try that…let me see. when I enter root as the username and the password, it does not authenicate

OK, a couple questions:
Is it a laptop with a touch screen, touch pad, keyboard and no mouse?
On the keyboard have you tried using the tab key to move to the ok button?

Did you set up a root password?

this is a dell 2n1 laptop with a touch screen. when I press the tab key it does not go to the OK button. when I use the key combo you gave me from this screen, it takes me back to the “pretty” screen.

I do not know if I setup a separate account for root during the pop_os setup. I only recall assigning a single password and username

Ok, no root password is ok for now.
Try holding CTRL+ALT then tap F2 or F3 or F4

I am at a black screen with a login prompt

Type your username and retrun then your password and return. Remember you will be typing the password in the blind.

that worked. now I am at a command prompt

Now you have several ways you can proceed.
You said you have a back up. The back up is for the entire computer or just your user account?

the backup is just the home directory. I do not have an entire system backup

And it is on an external drive or thumbdrive or where is the backup?