Planning ahead amid supply chain disruptions

Question: Beginner here. I have older PCs and Macs (Air, Pro) I have no time to figure all this out due to 12+ hr workdays, getting garden in for fall/winter, other prep needs, but anticipate I won’t have a job much longer due to mandates. In light of supply issues ahead, should I be purchasing ahead what I’ll need when that day comes? If so, how do I figure out what that might be? Please point me in the right direction? I can follow directions. Also I don’t have anything but iPhones. Can we install something different there too? Any suggestions for being prepared with the tools or soft wear we’ll need when we have time to tackle this? Thank you!

I too have been wondering how much of what to stock up on but as far as your iPhones…they are a lost cause from everything I have been reading on Jeff’s Telegram channels as well as in here. There is a guy that sells de-goggled phones (braxman, I think) but Apple has locked up their phones pretty good and so has Samsung, but they were late to the locking OS. Good Luck with getting those MACs converted, tryuly - I have seen multiple people that have converted Macs in here.


Hi Carenurse! Here’s your survivors list:

  1. A thumb drive that has at least 8gb storage capacity for installing the new OS.
  2. An external backup drive to backup your existing computers’ files that you want to preserve (if any). For most people this could be as small as small as 128GB to 500GB. If you have a lot of pictures and videos, you may need to look at 1TB or 2TB drives.
  3. READ A LOT! There are so many tutorials and how-to’s online these days that have so much good information. Ironically, YouTube has copious videos on putting Linux on various computers and phones. Additionally, sources like and are excellent arrows to have in your quiver.

Other than that, you don’t really need much else. We are here for any assistance you might need along the way!


Thank you for your time! I’ll need that thumb drive and will get that tomorrow. I have smaller ones only. I’m fully backed up regularly.
I’ll try to devote a little time gathering and saving #3 each day in case it is all gone away one of these days. I’ll start with those sources, but if you have other ideas too, they will be appreciated also; I just haven’t known exactly where to start. I’m certainly in unfamiliar territory!

It’s a little more intimidating in the beginning. With every failure, and there will be failures, you will learn. It will also be fun. Try different distros. It won’t take long and YOU will be answering the questions.