Pixel 3XL not loading LineageOS 18.1

So I have a Pixel 3XL with OEM Unlock and USB Debugging good to go. Boot loader is also unlocked. But when I flash the lineage recovery image as the installation instructions say to, my fastboot mode screen says “Enter Reason: Error Booting Boot.img” Why does it say this? I am glad I have the factory Android 9 image and have had to flash that twice now. Am I missing something? Oh, and this is being done on a windows 10 laptop with all the platform-tools and required drivers installed. The goal is to run LineageOS 18.1.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hey @PrometheusLens! Welcome to the forums!

I’ve encountered something similar on my S9+ when attempting to install eOS. Though I am not certain what would be causing that on your particular device.

Have you tried searching for your issue in the LineageOS forums? If you can’t find it, I’d suggest posting your problem there as they would be better equipped to help you resolve the matter.