Pixel 3 stuck on fastboot screen

Hello. I must have done something wrong while trying to install Calyxos on a pixel 3. The device is unlocked and I am stuck on the fastboot screen. It won’t go past this screen or allow me to install either google or any calyx. I keep getting the little android guy then back to the fastboot screen. Any ideas what I can do to fix?

Give this a shot and see if you can get it back.

Thanks, I will give it another try today. The problem I seem to be having is that it says the device is unauthorized. I’m assuming that means since I can’t actually get on a screen to give permission to my computer to transfer the files it won’t let me flash the new OS to the phone. Thanks

What Distro are you flashing from?

Well, originally it was from Fedora, that’s when I messed it up somehow. I tried to flash the original android is back on from both Fedora and windows 10. So far no luck.

Hmm keep trying it’s sometimes a matter of hitting the right buttons to get it to break out of the cycle. Win 10 should be best for this currently. I am unsure the ability of Fedora for flashing phones. We prefer Arch based distros if anything.

Well, when I did my first one I used Fedora and it’s been working great so far. It seems to me that for some reason Calyx just didn’t get flashed, so now I don’t have either os on the phone. So I have been getting errors either that the phone is not authorized, or that there is no matching os, or it does not see the phone at all. I obviously can’t authorize file sharing because there is no os on the phone. I’ll keep trying though.

Yes, we have seen this happen plenty and the stick to it crowd has always managed to recover the phone. It’s just as much a matter of persistence as it is any technical know-how.

Hi, I finally got the stupid thing unstuck and Calyx installed. As you said, it was just a matter of trial and error and mostly just getting lucky. Thanks for your help. I can’t wait to do another one, maybe with a different os.

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That’s great news! You are now also able to recover from problems this is a very useful skill to have! Congratulations on your success.