Pixel 3 Calyx OS 64GB Not Pink $165

De-Googled Pixel 3 With CalyxOS installed. There is a small screen burn on upper left side but it does not effect any phone functions (you can view photos on eBay). Will ship free in U.S. only. I am also selling on eBay for $175, but discounted if you buy here.
[Google Pixel 3 Calyx OS-De-Googled - 64GB - Not Pink (Unlocked) | eBay]

Have you had any trouble playing videos in the browser with the phone? I loaded a Pixel 3 and Pixel 4a with Calyx OS, and when I clicked on a youtube video it would crash the browser.

Not sure about YouTube, I don’t watch anything on there but rumble plays videos just fine. What browser are you using?

I used the default browser and Brave

Is your default Chromium? I do notice I have issues with pages loading with the VPN on as well, I usually turn it off for certain apps. Do you always have the VPN on? That could be the issue.

Yes, I think VPN was always on. I switched to GrapheneOS because of the issue and no longer have the issue. I did like using CalyxOS in that it was smoother, but did not care for the browser crashing.

I haven’t tried Graphine yet but I like Calyx. I do most of my Browsing on my computer anyway, not too much on my phone. What are the differences between the two?

Practically, they are both similar with the base being AOSP and geared towards security. Graphene has gone a little further with security than Calyx, but it causes applications to load a little slower. Graphene also comes with almost no apps pre-installed and no MicroG, and as you know Calyx comes with an option to install many apps plus MicroG.