Phone, Linux/Hack

The bastards at t mobile claim they are deleting their channels/protocol of which my phone accesses their 4g. My data is completely cut off. My cell service intermittent at best.

I am on a Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro. It is in mint condition. I’m pissed.

I was told a Pixel 4 is a best phone to hack.
I was also looking at several 5g motorola models: edge, ace, stylus.

I’d prefer NOT having to purchase a new phone whatsoever.

Can I hack this phone so it will be operable?
Any opinions on the above?
Any other models?

I am looking at models no more than $300 and ideally closer to $200. I don’t game. I do need a 6.7-6.8 screen. I figure 6gb processing speed minimum. And if storage is expandable doesn’t matter. If not expandable minimum 128 ideally 256.



Like you, I also DO NOT want to buy another phone from the ba*#%~^*ds. I have an. iPhone from t-mobile. The phone is 4 years old and is running out of room and energy. Looking forward to hearing what people have to recommend for us moving forward.

I have a Note10+ on which I am about ready to load a new FOSS OS. Graphene or Lineage or whatever OS is for Samsungs. I have the instructions, I just need to make sure my contacts are backed up and then it is hasta la vista to the Google androids.