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In case you didn’t get the memo, Dorothy isn’t in Kansas anymore! If you’re too young to recognize that phrase, it relates to the book, The Wizard of Oz. It’s promoted as a children’s book, but it’s actually an allegory about the story of the bankers’ manipulation of Gold and Silver. Dorothy and her gang suddenly found themselves on a journey that was way out of their comfort zone, and it was far removed from their usual neighborhood. That’s similar to our situation today, for similar reasons.

Like Dorothy, we’re living in a very strange world. Instead of enjoying personal and financial privacy, which is mandated in our U. S. Constitution, our data and even our appearance and location are constantly being tracked and sent to various providers and other third-party entities, sometimes without our permission, and always with our permission, given the demands we must agree to if we want to get services from the Big Tech providers of our convenience electronics, like phones, internet, and personal computers.

Our data is stored on their servers, and our physical appearance is often surveilled. Our computers and phones are sharing our data, which is recorded by numerous Big Tech corporations and numerous government and 3 letter agencies. We’re living in a surveillance world.

This topic focuses on ways to help us become better informed about this surveillance state and what we can to do stop it and even help to prevent it. We have more control over our devices and our data that we’ve been led to believe. And open source software is the way to get access to that control.

I’m starting off this page with this new video from Rob Braxman, of, an open source social media platform. It’s free to join only a username and password are needed to join. No personal information is required.

Do I Just Spread FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt)? Or are the Privacy Threats Real?

In this video Rob mentions that he’s often accused of spreading FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. In the video he demonstrates how there is a genuine threat to our privacy and our security and why we should take action to prevent and avert that threat. It you think the problem’s not that bad, watch this video and think again, as Rob explains just a bad the situation is, and gives us examples of what’s actually happening and how many current actions are mirroring past detrimental actions. This video is a wake up call for those who think they and their data and privacy are still safe.

Rob is commonly known as The Internet Security Guy. He’s also an Internet Privacy Evangelist, a Cybersecurity Expert, a Software Architect, and a Jazz Pianist.

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