PDF form writer, Libre writer

I’m trying to create a pdf form that i can enter information into to be email in a file. I’m using libre office writer, and have made the form with text boxes and exported to pdf successfully. However, when i fill in the text box info, the font color is too light, and i can’t seem to figure out how to make it darker.


Have you tried changing the font color in Writer?

Also, I’ve noticed that sometimes when you print the form, the text in the boxes will actually be dark.

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i haven’t got my printer to work yet with my macbook converted to linux mint. i was having trouble finding the default settings for font. the basic text in writer works fine, but the text boxes didn’t, i did finde a workaround, although cumbersome. if i changed the font color of the text box to another color then back to black it worked.


@KOZY That workaround is good to know, thank you.

I’m frequently creating Docs and PDFs.

We could also check the LibreOffice community and see what users have posted there: