Password Safe manual upgrade--need help/input

I installed the original Beta version 1.08.2+dfsg-1 a couple of years ago Linux 20 via the Software Manager.
I cannot seem to find any specific instructions to install the latest version. It can be downloaded at but there is no supporting documentation regarding upgrading.
Can anybody help?

Might you mean It looks like the domain is for sale.

Correct. I find no information regarding manual install/upgrade.

Which Linux are you running?

Linux Mint 20.3 Kernel: 5.4.0-164-generic x86_64 bits.

Have you tried downloading and installing the new package? Once you’ve got the .deb file, navigate to it with “Files”, right click on it and select “Open with package installer” - should be the first item on the menu.

you need to go the the github version at

under the 1.17.0, there is a link to source forge. There is a green box that is a download (it says ubuntu and is a .deb file, and that is OK). Install it like you would any other .deb file. Narcosis told you one way above, but I prefer to use the terminal and the command sudo dpkg -i "name-of-file".deb

Good luck.


@chuck @zpepelepu
I think you can double-click the .deb file in your file manager app and it will fire up Discovery and install it in that familiar GUI manner.

Thanks to all.
Mission accomplished.