Password rejected ..again

My password is being rejected for logging in - again. Last time this happened I re loaded the linux mint from the USB because password reset didnt fix it. that was easy and everything was great for over a week. Using Linux no problem. Logging in no problem. I was able to install updates and authenticate easily. Today:

  1. wanted to install telegram
  2. Started the procedure from a terminal and when asked for password it failed.
    3.Checked and double checked my password. Not accepted
  3. decided to close out and shut down lap top to see if password would be accepted for log in as a check for password being accepted.
  4. Didnt work. Cant log in.
  5. Do I reset password? or try somelthing else. and any clues why “invalid password” started a second time?
  6. This might be my new field of expertise…lol resetting Linux passwords…


Hey there!

If your password has numbers in it, and you are using the ten-key (the section furthest to the right, usually to the right of the arrow keys), make sure your NUMLOCK is off. Most keyboards will indicate that NUMLOCK is off via a small light turning on when it is pressed.

Additionally, some distros will ask you for your account password AND a separate admin password when you first install it. The admin password is what is required for running commands in the terminal. If these passwords are different, you may want to try a possible different password you may have setup during that process.

There is probably a way to reset it, but none that I am aware of. Not to mention it would probably be extremely involved and complicated. Unfortunately, the quickest fix would be to reinstall the OS.

I will do some research on the matter and get back to you.

Thanks! Yes checked numbrs lock was off for all of this. Dont remember doing the account paswd and admin pasword but will look up my notes . I usually write down things like that. And yes I went thru ways to reset log in paswd.It was not that hard. Just had to take my time. And yes the easy way was to just redo cuz I have no files to worry about yet. But wondering why it did it twice. What am I missing? I looked up what I knew about but thats not much yet.

I look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks for your help.

So I was able to find this post that describes how to reset your password from the GRUB menu. I searched specifically for Linux Mint, if this is not the distro you’re using, let me know and we can go from there.

THANKS! First I really appreciate your help. I did the grub last time. Its easy to follow for anyone that might want to know. I have linux mint Cinnamon on a dell with inspirion and wiped out windows 7. But get this… Heres a twist for you… I decided to try logging in this morning and WALA everything went normal. In fact I am using Linux now to type this. hmm… Now what? I will try doing an update that is ready and see if I can authenticate…yes password went thru just fine. I wonder if this only happens with something being added to Linux. AKA like adding telegram. Thoughts? or being new if I am not getting something correct in the terminal? Does it lock you out after a few attempts?

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@SBHX does Mint have a safe-boot version like Ubuntu?
If it does, then please let @myundividedlife know how to enter it.

Essentially, the way a safe-boot is text based and will allow you to drop down to root level user. If you do find that option - and you remember your username, type in:

passwd username

Replacing the word username with your actual login username.
It will automatically ask you to type your new password twice.
Once done, type:


And you’ll be done.

NOTE: If Mint has the safe-boot option, hold SHIFT or ESC during boot (immediately once your system starts) so that you get the GRUB menu. Look for the safe-boot/fallback there (probably under the advanced options).

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@vasileios yes to shift safe - boot in Mint. I got to GRUB that way last time the password was rejected. I am also thinking it might be my old lap top keyboard might need replaced. Perhaps the keys are not striking clean? It was a well used lap top in its day. I played around logging in and out thru the day today and sometimes I got in and sometimes not.

However I will do the password change and see if I get consistency.

Thanks @vasileios

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I’m delighted it works out! Per the keyboard, tell me about it! :joy:
I have a Microsoft Surface Laptop 3, and after 1 year (while in pristine condition), right Shift, C, and 1 stopped working or work now and then as they feel like it.
The way I see myself using that laptop (even though it runs Ubuntu) is via an external keyboard, as I always mistype my own password! :grin:

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ok. status: I have reset password to see it that would get me logged on. It did. Testing it out now to see if I can re- log in .
It was a 2 hr adventure but i got it. ( needed to look a lot of things up. ) The last time i tried to reset the password it didnt take so after doing it again and having it fail again, it took me awhile to find out why. When you type in the new password, nothing on the screen indicates you have entered anything - the cursor doesnt move. But its taking it in. Security thing. What ya dont know! sheesh . Glad somebody out there mentioned it on a Linux forum. Plus I found that in terminal, or script prompt, if you make mistakes or put in something not recognized it will tell you and you can start over. I thought i would corrupt the whole system.

I may still need a new keyboard since I saw some keys not work right while doing terminal and I had trouble getting the password to go thru correctly in the retype password line .

There should be badges labeled geek persistence and geek success! lol

Thank you for the help. I will update about keyboard and post my links I used in case somebody needs them.


Hey @myundividedlife !
I’m truly glad you were able to reset your password! Yes, a faulty keyboard spells a lot of trouble. I nearly suffered a lock-out myself because of that reason.

Now you learned something new and vital!