Password and Keyring as it relates to VPN

When I manually shut down wifi on my computer (running Linux Mint), my open VPN disconnects automatically. However, when I manually bring up the wifi, the VPN doesn’t automatically login. Instead, I get these messages:

Enter password to unlock your Keyring"
“The login Keyring did not get unlocked when you logged into your computer”

I did not change my password at any time. My regular password works to unlock the keyring.

How can I get the vpn to automatically login once the wifi is activated. Apparently, it has something to do with logging in with a keyring. What is a keyring?

Any help appreciated.

Hello again, @famcoll!
Good to see you up and about, looking for things!
Unlike WindowZzz, Linux uses a system-wide password-saver, which becomes automatically unlocked when you use your password to login to your computer. That is known as Keyring. However, if you login automatically, without a password, the Keyring does not unlock.