.OVPN File Import on Debian 11

I am having some trouble importing an openvpn config file (computer.ovpn in screenshot) in Debian 11 XFCE. The “Save” button to complete the import of the file is greyed out. So I am not able to use the VPN.

I was able to use the same conffig file on MX Linux, and there was no issue.

Does someone have an idea of what to do, or an alternative way of deploying the VPN on this new system? Thank you.


  • .ovpn file was created using Vasileios’ Private VPN method
  • I have downloaded network-manager-openvpn
  • I attempted to fix the problem by trying to use the nm-connection-editor, and moving the ovpn file to ~/.cert/nm-openvpn

Hey @mece!
XFCE works in similar ways to KDE, which means you’ll need to create a new connection as a file import. The following article will take you through the details:

I hope it helps!

I had a similar issue. There is an extension package for network manager open vpn. Look in snaptic for this. I can’t remember the exact package name but that should get you there. The import function will then be available the usual way through network manager. Hope this makes sense.

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I uninstalled network-manager-openvpn and installed network-manager-openvpn-gnome, and was able to import the file right away. Thank you!

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