OS for Nexus 5

Hi Everyone,
I ordered a Nexus 5 from ebay as a starting point from moving away from an iPhone. I was going to install Ubuntu Touch then others mentioned checking out the Lineage OS. Which I did and I like the look of that one better. However, I see from the Lineage website the Nexus 5 is no longer maintained. Info about hammerhead | LineageOS Wiki

  1. Is it still worth it to install Lineage if it won’t be maintained for the model of phone I have?
  2. If I decide to to install Ubuntu Touch, can I still install the Aurora Store or is that only on the Lineage OS?

Thank you!

Hi @dragonfly!
You can still install Lineage on the Nexus 5, you just won’t get any system software updates. Those usually include security updates and bug fixes for the system itself. I suppose if you were to install ProtonVPN and Blokada or something similar you might be okay for a while. But eventually, any apps you download from the Aurora store will require a certain version of Lineage in order to update with thier own security and bug updates.

You’d probably be better served by Ubuntu Touch, but just know that the Aurora Store is not available for that OS.

Ok good to know, thank you @SBHX!