OpenVPN for Android error: write UDP []: Operation not permitted (fd=4,code=1)

I’m trying to get my OpenVPN to work on an Android based (never had google) phone. I am pretty sure I did what I am suppose to do to load the .ovpn and I also tested the .ovpn on my desktop to be sure it works. I’ve copied the log… can someone help decipher it and let me know what the problem could be?
OvpnLog.txt (16.4 KB)

Hey @Ai!
Which provider are you using to connect to the OpenVPN protocol?
Commercial VPN providers tend to utilize different username and passwords for .ovpn files, which are different than the ones you use to log into their services.

@vasileios, my VPN is the one I created on my VPS which doesn’t need a username and password… It’s strange because I don’t have problem getting it to work on all of my other devices… (I’m using OpenVPN for android from Aurora).

I think I figured out what might be wrong. The OpenVPN server is v 2.4 and it needs to be up to 2.5 to work… I will redo the OpenVPN installation and see if that helps.

Hey, @Ai!
Version mismatching can do that. It’s the main cause for apps act strangely. I had a big update happen while on the course of Arch as well, and had to refine a few things for the course. Please let me know how that goes. I just dropped by and I will soon return to finish the 3 videos!


I am so happy to report that after I reinstall OpenVPN as you did from LMS Lesson 17. The new .ovpn now works perfectly on the “never-googled” phone. Though it’s running OpenVPN 2.4.7… but it’s working so I am happy to move on! :laughing:

Thank you for your time and help specially when you are busy dealing with your own things. Many thanks! :pray: :smiley: :pray:

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Hey @Ai! I am so glad you made it! Bravo!
And you are very welcome! :smiley:

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