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I have successfully downloaded Openvpn on three separate occasions from the command line. I’ve followed all the instructions to download it, put in network manager, etc. All I keep getting is a file in my downloads that says “udo apt install openvpn” with a lock image on the bottom corner of the file. There is no program on Linux Mint that will open it. I’ve been told on differing occasions it was corrupted or it was built for group clients. I’m at a total loss. Does anyone have a sure fire url from which to download openvpn that one can then open up and configure on Linux Mint?

Hey @famcoll!

I suppose you meant to say/type:

sudo apt install openvpn

Maybe it’s as simple as missing an “s”? :wink:

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No. I’ve already been through that. It’s installed. It’s sitting in my file folder with a lock on it. I looked at permissions and it says I am not the owner and cannot execute it. I’m not sure what I did but it let me authenticate the execution using my own password. Then nothing. It’s a conundrum. From where do you download openvpn online (not from the command line)?

The OpenVPN you installed is on the client-side.

As you can see from the description, you downloaded the protocol - which in Mint acts as a daemon (resident service).

Are you looking to utilize OpenVPN to connect to a respective VPN service or are you trying to build your own VPN?

to connect to a respective VPN service

Ah, then you’ll need to run the following command as well:

sudo apt install network-manager-openvpn

Though OpenVPN is generally installed by default on Mint. No worries! Just go to your network connection icon to the far right of your task bar, select Network settings:

Screen Shot 2021-10-11 at 15.32.52

And then add your VPN service. You will need to download their profile/settings files. :blush:

Talk about a whole world of hurt! JP is right, we are all too hooked on convenience. I was ready to throw this whole issue against a wall. But, of course, I have the Luxury of Vasileios to save me every time I find myself cornered by technology. The tip on the network settings saved my life! Appreciate it (as always and forever).


As always, it’s my pleasure!
Think of it this way:
The moment you are able to move on without the absolute need for conveniences, your chances at survival during a zombie apocalypse are getting better and better! :wink:
Bad analogy, of course, but you get the gist!


I think this last VPN stuff was the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! Can you believe I was thinking of setting up my own router? That is soooooooooooo NOT happening until I get over this mess you just rescued me from! Future headaches to come … I know you are standing by! Thanks, again.

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The OpenVPN was your first zombie encounter, but don’t fret, you’ll get better at it and I’ll be around! :wink:
And again, you’re most welcome!