Opening port 22


I was able to set up a VPS, but when I set up my ufw on Unbuntu I closed my port 22, now I cannot connect to my VPS on port 22. If I open the port to connect my SSH key will it all be secure?

Yes. SSH, Secure Shell is designed with end to end terminal encryption. That is it’s specific intent to keep the connection between systems secure.


On a side note you can specifically allow port 22 to only specific IP addresses and subnets, etc. A quick search should bring up as much needed info as possible

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Thank You !!! I will open that port and connect the SSH keys.

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Getting in with ssh to your pc/laptop from outside the networkor from the internet is a little bit more involved as you have to forward the request in your router to the internal IP address(one of the reasons I assign IP by MAC in my router. So I can ssh in from my mobile using juicessh app and correct any issues wife and kids may be having while I’m at work.

Well it absolutely must be bec I could today but scrap it all reinstall a new Linux distro. It is working but I am starting over. But that’s ok bec now I can set it all up the right way. Starting with the VPS and then everything else. What a learning curve, I did everything backwards and pretty much jammed myself up! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

…today I could not connect to anything so I had to scrap….

really sounds like something esle go buggered,there’s no way open port 22 in ufw would have caused so many issues. That is certainly weird.

There really no straight forward way of do things, though that’s the beauty of Linux and then programs like Timeshift, which imho should be the absolute first thing you install and setup. In fact I wish Ubuntu made it a default setup item from install.

run (as su) ufw status verbose and post output.