Opening .heic files in Linux

I can’t possibly be the only one dealing with the issue of opening heic photos in Linux. The evil iPhone people think they can lock us into their agenda-driven systems. There must be a way to open these photos so we don’t have to rely on their OS! What’s the trick?

Hey @PrettyGranny !
I was looking and looking for the complex methods - but as it turns out, things evolved and it’s quite simple.
Open up a terminal and type in the following:

sudo apt install gimp gmic -y

Wait for the installation to complete and then double click on your HEIC file and voila! You can now process it on GIMP and save it as you like. :blush:

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That was awesome! Thanks so much!

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It’s my pleasure! Have fun! :blush:

gThumb works great also!

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Good point! I forgot about that little gem. Thank you!