One computer Two drives

I have a computer that has two internal drives.
An SSD with 500GB
A second SSD with 1TB

When I installed Linux I put everything on the first drive. To avoid big tech cloud servers I am now saving all my files locally. Hmm … I can see needing that second drive for its space.

How can I move my Music, Pictures, Documents, and Videos to the second drive and still see them in my ‘Home’ folder when opening my Files window?


This could be as simple changing the location of you current Documents/Pictures/Music/Videos to that of the 1TB the “ln” (that’s lowercase LN) for terminal. Depending on what distro you are on and which file manager, you may be able to right click and select properties and adjust those folder locations from there.

I am using Ubuntu. Right click/properties doesn’t allow me to change the path. I researched and found out that there used to be something called Ubuntu Tweak but it doesn’t seem to be available for my modern version (Ubuntu 21.10).

Gnome Tweak doesn’t allow me to change the Home folder paths either.

I’m not fluent in terminal so I would have to be shown exact syntax for entry to change things that way.


I arranged my backup/sync by the default location (main drive). I simply organized my data so that it works with the default Home folder. Thank you