Old Windows xp laptop does not boot from USB to install Linux Mint

Does anyone know how to trick the bios or another way to boot from USB and install linux Mint on an old Windows XP laptop? The bios does not show the USB drive to boot from, but it is available when i’m in Windows. Maybe it is too old to convert? Any help is appreciated :blush:

Welcome @kim you can burn the iso to a cd and use the cd-rom to load it instead of a USB stick. Let us know how it goes. Cheers!


Thank you BigDaveAZ!
Unfortunately it does not have a cd-rom drive build in the laptop. The model is a Dell latitude C400 :smiley: yes early 2000 if i remember. I have read in another forum that you could attach a cd-rom drive. But that will cost me some money to buy it :frowning: And as this is just a try out to see if i can get this old lady working on linux, i would like to try other ways.

@kim I get it. Check for a used usb cd rom. They should not b e too expensive. Cheers!

I will see if i can find one! Thx for the help. Let’s see if i can complete the journey to linux on this oldie :slight_smile:

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Hi @Kim!

Did you use Rufus or Etcher to make the USB?

Also, Secure Boot might be preventing your machine from booting to a USB. Boot into your BIOS settings and make sure that Secure Boot is OFF or DISABLED, then try again.

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Yes i did use Etcher for the USB, already have converted some apple and windows machines :slight_smile:
I can’t find the option Secure boot in the bios, only the option USB legacy that is enabled. For this type laptop there is no update on the bios available so that also won’t do the trick.

I guess i will try to find a second hand cd-rom drive. I will move on to a next old laptop, let’s see how that will work out.

Many thanks for the response.

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