Office Multi-Phone System - Aveya versus Other Options

ISO information for company phone system: I’m needing to replace my office phone system. The company is not going to continue to service us soon. I’ve been looking at Internet-based phones so we can work remotely, and have landed on Aveya (Ring system) through recommendations of others. I’ve not switched computers over to Linux yet, but that is my goal. My concerns are: 1) Aveya is a subsidiary of Ring (not sure I should trust them anymore than MS); 2) They offer a 30-day cancellation if you’re not happy, but the 30 days starts when you activate to begin installation and installation can take up to 8 weeks (they say that’s rare, but it could happen); and 3) I will have to stay on Windows to operate. It’s a 3-year contract. I’m not sure what my AFFORDABLE options are though because we answer phones for multiple companies so we need more than just an incoming line. Aveya is $110 per month for 3 lines and a lot of features; versus 350 per month for the new upgraded service through my current company with no features. (Features - voice recording of each phone call; video conferencing; dashboard to monitor incoming/outgoing calls for each business; and unlimited voice mailboxes.) Please, if you have any experience with Aveya’s services as a company, or any recommendations for a different approach, I invite you to share them with me. I value everyone’s input and the time you take to share it.

Welcome K1m
I don’t know if I can be of any help, but having done the home office thing for many years, I can understand your dilemma…and after two days, at least let you know others have read and thought about your request…As I also have “Zero trust” as guiding principal in all things “business services” related… Also I like to add that that my Mother always said that on the day I was born “A little bird landed on the window sill of her room…(before AC) and proclaimed my future…“Cheap!-Cheap!”…”
first thing I would do is see if any one else has started down this path: how to build your own office telephone system using linux - Brave Search now this is just a “search” but it is a start…
the next thing I would do is to see if anyone working for you could , or knows someone who could, take on this project… who knows?
Any way I wish you the best… :slightly_smiling_face: