Not on class mailing list

Just a note to let you know I am still not receiving my links to our classes, although I mailed support several times. Could someone please add me back to the mailing list? Thanks for your help in advance. Best Suzanne

I also have not been receiving the links to the classes. I have contacted tech support but they haven’t gotten me setup for the links yet. I would appreciate it if someone would let me know how to fix the problem.
Thanks, Rich

I never received an email for class link. I did receive the webinar for today though.
I sent an email to support.

I wonder if it was something we said. I took it personally and left the group.

Hey @Sunshine & @Suzanne!
There were other members that had this issue. I talked to Jeff about it and he notified me that they recently changed email provider and they lost some of their contacts. If you send an email at Paulina at - she can handle it (she’s the one handling the subscription lists).
If you still have issue for tomorrow, shoot me a message on Telegram @ vasileikon. Don’t forget to state who you are (well, I already know you, Suzanne) so that I can send you a backup link that Jeff sends me.

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