No Wifi on Brand New Dell loaded w/Linux Mint Cinamon

I bought the Dell brand new - and right upon turning it on for the first time, I booted Mint. It’s not recognizing my wifi…not sure if this wouldn’t have happened if I’d first let the computer boot up for the first time with Windows?

Make sure the “Function key” wireless kill switch is not activated.

On my Thinkpad its like “Fn + F8”. Not knowing your model you may need to look through the owners manual to discover it or search the model to find out how to toggle it on and off.

Then you can try again with lspci -v | grep Wireless

Thank you - that didn’t work, however. What’s strange is that the computer recognized my printer, and is hooked up to that - even though it’s not plugged into the printer. So, some sort of wifi is being recognized on my PC…

What does
show you?
And where are you seeing the connection to the printer?

It’s showing the printer down in the lower right-hand corner. It is displaying the correct model, and I didn’t set it up. ifconfig does nothing in the terminal…

Yes, this is a dumb question but I gotta ask, did you press enter after typing ifconfig ?
You shouldn’t need sudo for ifconfig but you might try:
sudo ifconfig
if still nothing try:
iwconfig or on an outside chance sudo iwconfig

What happens if you click or right click on the printer icon in the bottom right corner? Does it tell you if it is connected? Are there any other possible connections there?

If none of the above are working can you connect with an ethernet cable? If so then you might do an update and upgrade

I swear I did press ENTER! But for some reason this time it displayed something. Took a screenshot with my phone:

Thank you, I had never seen ifconfig fail so was getting worried.
Unfortunately it does not show any wireless connections.

If you don’t mind, what is the model and model number of your dell? (do NOT need serial number). I would like to look up the info for it.

It’s this one:

Dell Wyse 5070 Mini Desktop PC, Intel Celeron J4105 4-Core, 16GB RAM, 512GB M.2 SSD, USB C, WiFi BT USB, DisplayPort 4K UHD 2-Monitor Support, HDMI Adapter- Windows 11 Pro

According to Dell Wyse 5070 Extended Thin Client User Guide

It looks like your wireless uses a USB port.
“Wireless card
A high-speed wireless network card is used to access network through a USB port on the thin client.”

In a terminal try the command:

And in case anyone is interested here is a link to that User Guide.

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Thanks Dennis! It’s not recognizing the network card. My husband finally came home from his work trip, and he’s trying to get the ethernet hooked up so I can at least get the drivers. Thanks for the manual - who would have thought to actually look at the instructions? ha ha ha


Have you tried installing the new Mint 21? It’s out now, with a much newer kernel and much more hardware support.