No sound on 2017 iMac

I’ve researched and tried several suggestions but I’m still uanble to get sound on my 2017 iMac. Any help is greatly appreciated.




My setup: 2017 27” iMac running Linux Mint 21 Cinnamon version 5.4.12, Kernel 5.15.0-47


PulseAudio Volume Control reports:
Output Devices: Dummy Output

Configuration: Ellesmere HDMI Audio [Radeon RX 470/480/570/570X/580/580X/590]

Configuration Profile reports: “Off” and all entries in the Profile drop-down show [unplugged] and [unavailable]

@spstepp, would you share what you have tried?

I am wondering if it’s a Kernel version issue… (I am a newbie but solved this problem for my chromebook… found out there is a sound issue with Ubuntu 22.04 (it’s going to be the same for everything based on this, I think that includes Mint 21…)

I’ve tried a number of things from the Mint Forums “Hardware Support > Sound” section.

Here are the links for the suggestions I tried.


In addition I also tried an oem kernel 5.17, “sudo apt-get install linux-oem-22.04” but this failed so I rolled back to the previous kernel with Timeshift.

At this point I’ve ordered an external soundcard dongle and hope I can get taht to work.



If you are up for it…

Try testing from a USB with an older version with older kernel (my sound stopped working at Kernel 5.12 though on a Mac in Zorin… thought newer kernel 5.19 might be better but there is a strange noise when video is buffering…)

The point is to start from a place where your sound works.

If I were trying this, I’d start with Ubuntu 20.04 (kernel 5.4) or 18.04 (kernel 4.15), you can find the ISO files here: Ubuntu

I don’t know what a soundcard dongle is so you must be more tech able than I am… So, please keep us posted… if it looks like what I went through to figure my sound issue out, I will let you know, too.

Here is the dongle I mentioned. It came in the mail today. I plugged it in and plugged external speakers in and I have sound. I’m just not curious enough to work harder to get the internal speakers working. This solution works so I’m going with it. Thanks for the responses and hopefully some day I can be of assistance too.