No sound from speakers & brightness buttons don't work

Hi everyone!

I’ve recently installed Linux Mint and found that I have no sound from the speakers and the screen brightness buttons don’t work on the keyboard. I’ve researched this issue (primarily the sound issue) a fair amount and tried many things. This seems to be a common problem. Do I just need to wait for a kernel fix or something? Anybody have any suggestions?

I’m running Linux Mint 20.2 Cinnamon on a Lenovo Yoga 7i. I had this same issue with Ubuntu which is actually what prompted me to try Mint. I’m set up to dual boot with Windows and have no issues in Windows.

Any thoughts? Thank you!

Hey @JustinTL!

I’m reading that your laptop uses Dolby Atmos for it’s sound. I am also finding that Dolby Atmos does not support Linux in the least. You can try installing alsa-tools and use that to troubleshoot, or just work around it with an external speaker of some kind.

Thanks for your response!

I actually received the update to kernel 5.13 today and that resolved the sound issue.

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