No devices detected with adb or fastboot installing Calyx on Pixel 3a

[SOLVED] - On my Pixel 3a, I had to go to System > Connected Devices > USB and switch from No file (or was it data?) transfer to File Transfer.

My phone immediately showed up on my Linux machine’s file manager. I started the flash process in the terminal, and everything worked like a charm after that.


I’m trying to install CalyxOS on a Pixel 3a I got from Swappa that is supposedly unlocked.

I’m pretty sure I followed all the directions at I’ve tried installing from Linux and from Mac. I’ve tried 3 different USB cable setups. I’ve used version 2.0 of the Flasher (based on a suggestion online).

Each time I get to the point where my laptop doesn’t want to recognize I have a phone connected. I get the error message in the subject line: No devices detected with adb or fastboot.

From what I read, you can connect with one or the other. I don’t understand why, if this is something needed, it’s not addressed anywhere in the directions for installing the OS.

Suggestions for what to try next?


I haven’t tried installing CalyxOS, but I have tried eOS with my Samsung Galaxy S9+. I had to enable fastboot on the phone itself. Is that something that the instructions you’re following had you do?

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No, it’s not. These are the directions…

Interesting. They don’t instruct you to put the phone in fastboot or any kind of download mode. This is very different from what I am familiar with.

Have you tried pursuing their chat or reddit page for solutions?

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No, I haven’t. This JPro forum is my first reach out.

I would suggest checking those, and even contacting their support if necessary.

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Yeah, I posted the problem on their Reddit now. (I had already joined earlier for a different problem.)

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UPDATE: I just noticed a warning message that comes before the script stops. It says…

WARN adb skipping device 98DAY148VD as getting code name failed: exit status 1

Sounds directly related, but no idea what it means.

(Already added this to my Reddit post.)