Nitro 5 (AN515-44-R99Q) 2020 to Mint

Can Linux Mint replace Windows (not dual boot) on Acer Nitro 5 running Windows 10, without major issues.

You might want to check out this link …

Some of the Administrators here run a separate site also well recommended for links to good info on Linux ……
Telegram: Contact @BonesTechGarage I keep most all the links that they post for reference to the difficulties that I may encounter ……. I’m 99% positive they are were I got this one ……. hope it helps

I did a quick search, Mint forums show success with Mint 20 “Ulyssa”.
Though this is mostly dependent on the hardware compatibility and level of the users.

I would download a couple, create a bootable drive, Ventoy would be the best bet so you would only make one drive(depending on the number of distros/ISO’s you want on there, between 16GB-32GB USB should be sufficient and just drop the ISO’s on to the drive where they belong and select them at boot, if you find one doesn’t work with your hardware, you simply delete it from the USB.

When you boot from a USB thumb drive prepared with an ISO, most any mainstream distro such as Ubuntu(s), Mint, Debian, etc you can run what is called a “LiveCD” in which you can test the different distros with your hardware without installing or changing current configuration. It is highly suggested to run the “LiveCD” of a distro of choice prior to an install attempt and I do suggest using a Ethernet connection during any install especially where Wi-Fi is a concern on laptops.

To select a distro a new site has come up an replaced the old “DistroTest” site named “DistroSea” that will allow you to test a distro in a Virtual Machine through your web browser, this is only for aesthetic purposes and will not give you any hardware interaction or indication of support.

Unfortunately, Ubuntu probably has the best support for the most modern hardware including touchscreen, Nvidia graphics, etc but many of us do not like Ubuntu and their forced “snap” store integration as the “snap” installation are closed source even for open-sourced applications, we do not know what alterations they have performed, so we try to steer folks away but there’s always a hardware configuration that may well necessitate Ubuntu to ditch the evil conglomerate of Windows or MacOS.

Nvidia graphics prove to be the most problematic.

Hope all of this is helpful.