Nextcloud Server success

I want to thank @vasileios for his guide and video for setting up a Nextcloud server. I was able to successfully setup up a server at my home by using only his guide and video. Now, it was not without issues, but, I was successful. I had the server successfully running and then I made some changes and then browser was giving me security errors about possibly being hacked and something about about the certificate (I knew I wasn’t being hacked) and I could no longer reach my server.

I was in a panic because I did not do the Timeshift backup and I thought I was going to have to re-do the entire process. I reversed everything that I did after page 25 of the guide (just before the bonus material). I was still having issues. But, I discovered one change that I did not remove: ‘default_phone_region’ => ‘US’,. Once I removed this line, everything went back to normal and I could now access the server.

But, I must confess, there was an issue with the line and the issue was a typo. Instead of typing =>, I typed ==> which caused the entire collapse of the security.

Even though I did not understand the error message that was presented by the browser, I was able to slow down and think about what changed and saved myself hours re-installing the OS, setting up the server, installing Nextcloud, etc.

Thanks again for the helpful guide and for all of the various teachings and training that you provide.


@diamondre congratulations. I am hoping to have my done in the next couple of days - had some rearranging to do. Cheers!!

The instructions are very concise and easy to follow. Do not be in a hurry to get it done because I got into that mode a little bit too. I missed an entire section (well not entire), but, an important section. You are supposed to be able to SSH into the server after you are done but I was unable to and thought well maybe that only applies to keeping the server local. I discovered that I missed the section where you setup the ssh keys. I discovered this omission because I began going back through the documentation.

Good luck when you start the project and you will be happy when it is complete.
Thank you for your response.

I had issues because there were 2 routers between my server and the “outside world” I removed one of them and now I have to see if this will work with just the eero devices. Wish me luck. Cheers!!

Best of luck to you. That sounds like a major setup and probably beyond my novice understanding. If you get stuck, I am sure the amazing people in these forums can help get you through it!

I am sure they will. Been under the weather for the past couple of months but I am back at it.